Goal of the Moment

Goal of the Moment

I was in a discussion when a point in relation to Goals and setting them opened up. It started off with an individual sharing with me how they plan their day: list all the things that needs to get done in that day, prioritise them and tick them off one by one. If they come across contingencies beyond their control on their walk through the day – they will return to their list, recheck all the priorities and move / shuffle the responsibilities according to the days of the week based on priority. So, this individual’s schedule (in relation to daily goals) is pliable – yet maintains a focus and is walked dedicatedly day in and day out.

From here – the discussion went into Goals as follows: they shared with me their short-term goals in the next year or two and then shared with me long-term goals that will stem from the short-term goals. As they were explaining this to me, I saw the following: I saw how their life will come into creation through their planning and the implementation thereof. In other words, what came through clearly is the fact that: they are directing, an active participant in putting in the necessary time, effort and dedication to create for themselves the life they would one day like to experience. Interestingly enough, this ‘future’ did not only include them – but many other people and their lives as well. It was truly fascinating for me to see how grounded and all encompassing their prospects of a future were…considering not only themselves, but many others as well.
This stood out for me, in the sense this: many of us tend to look at our future through personal self interest, through the eyes of wants, needs and desires pertaining only to the ever yearning / search for some emotional fulfilment that only leads to creating wishes and dreams in the Mind. Yet, this individual’s proposal to themselves and so indirectly to others in terms of the future that will not only be best for themselves, but for others as well – allowed for an actual practical, realistic planning that is most probable and likely to come to fruition in the future.

Within this all, I realised something in relation to goals as I saw this individuals future roll out like a red carpet in front of them as they were sharing: If we don’t set goals – daily, short- / mid- / long-term goals – we’ll either be in a state of ‘waiting for life to happen’ or remain forever stuck in the momentary satisfaction of wishes and dreams in the imagination of consciousness / the mind. Not only this, but not having a plan, not having direction and most importantly not dedicating and disciplining yourself in everyday life to bring goals into creation: allows for one’s thoughts and emotions to REALLY get busy up there in the Mind.
As I’ve shared in my previous post: if one is not focused on self, one’s life and relationships within it – but not only this, also in relation to where one is headed – what it is you are creating for yourself and/or others in this life: then one can easily lose focus into the Mind, because you do not have a stable grounding / foundation for oneself in this real world….one will tend to entertain the illusionary realities of the mind / consciousness.

So, this individual had been proving to themselves on a daily basis the productiveness of daily goals and walked this consistently – obviously also managing their schedule and time in such a way to ensure there is a balance between work and having a moment for themselves / a day or more for themselves. So, managing their time and day / week / month effectively within the given time that is available to them and delegating responsibilities effectively when and as they see they have too much on their plate. Through this process they have walked, starting first with daily goals – the process of short-term and long-term goals opened up for them, really sitting down with themselves, looking at all the possibilities and assessing the data / information in a realistic way – planning a future that is creatable and doable within where they are, who they are and the resources they have at their disposal at this time.

Obviously within this all also realising, as with the daily goals, that: some of the things may take longer, others shorter and some may even not happen…keeping this in mind, they keep their goals PLIABLE yet at the same time FOCUSED to be able to – as the unpredictability of life moves, as the unpredictability of a day moves – maintain their focus and move themselves / things around accordingly towards the best possible outcome for themselves, others and the goals they want to achieve.

So, keeping all this in mind – I leave you with a question: are you going to ‘wait’ for life to happen TO you – or, no matter where you are, what your situation is, what excuses / reasons / justifications and blame or resistance may try and stand in your way: take a breath, sit down with yourself (starting even with daily goals) – decide what you want to achieve and assist and support yourself to create it through your day-to-day actions of planning and implementations?

For further assistance and support in understanding how excuses, reasons, justification, blame and resistance can influence you from being the directive principle of creating your life and more importantly how to stand up through them and discover your utmost potential visit EQAFE and Desteni