A Decision in One Moment can make a Difference in this World

A Decision in One Moment can make a Difference in this World

I saw this post from Humans of New York which inspired a post I wrote. However, from this – another interesting point opened up which is how ONE THOUGHT can affect your entire being and so your actions (or non-actions) that stems from it. So, below is the initial post together with an expansion thereof...

Oftentimes when reading such stories of the perils and difficulties people face this life – I looked at the experience of this women and to what extremes she had to go for herself and her family, yet day in and day out she’s still waking up, standing up and doing whatever it takes to find a way to live in this world or make a living for herself and her family. How many countless people face such conditions and even much, much, much worse in their current circumstances that do not only affect them individually but also their families and many others in their life.
Most tend to want to go into a powerlessness, hopelessness and helplessness when it comes to reading such stories thinking “I’m only one, I can’t do anything about it” – but then again, this is how the majority of us have approached other people’s challenges and strife’s this life; which has not contributed to any significant change in the history of human civilization. If anything, that one thought or any similar thought is what is contributing to the problem more than us standing up and standing together to brainstorm practical viable sustainable solutions to the current World System.
Another point that opened up is: we don’t look at people as a PERSON anymore, considering who they are, what they’re going through, what their life is like etc. – a person who is going through experiences of such depths when it comes to facing circumstances that this woman is facing now…everyone is looking through the eyes of the system at one another, labeling each other based on what is seen, making decisions of hiring / not hiring them for a job based on the rules, regulations and laws of the system when it comes to money and survival. To such an extent that VERY FEW will take a moment with someone who is looking for a job to survive, ask them who they are, what’s going on in their lives, how this job will support them and extend into the rest of their lives / relationships etc. But again – those who are hiring others for jobs cannot focus on the person, their life – people have become ‘replaceable’, it’s about what you can prove based on education and so many other documents / papers again coming through from the system. However the majority is currently thwarted and oppressed by the world system / money system / education system – not having access to creating a life / living for themselves this life based on how the entire system is set up at the moment, cornering them and forcing them into life such as this woman is experiencing…and even worse.
Investigate LIG (Living Income Guaranteed) where many are standing up and standing together to finding practical viable sustainable solutions to this World System to create a life / living experience where everyone is taken care of and cared for – now and for future generations to come. Don’t accept and allow ONE THOUGHT to make you one of the majority contributing to the current state of the word, be ONE PERSON who contributes to making a difference by adding in your ‘thinking caps’ and see what we can practically do to change the direction of life on earth.


Having a look at the post above, where one thought or similar thoughts of “I can’t make a difference” / “the problem is too big” / or even just going to a point of suppressed silence inside yourself based on what you’re witnessing where you don’t think or necessarily feel anything consciously – such thoughts or experiences (can be one thought or many, can be one reaction or many): is what is contributing to so many people in this world not being oppressed by their own thoughts, instead of standing up and contributing to making a difference in this world.

Even the words “making a difference in this world” may bring up such thoughts and reactions. So, it’s to have a look within yourself to see what sentences or words, when it comes to contributing to change (either in yourself and so also others / this world that would be best for all) brings up thoughts and emotions that in fact settles you into an ‘acceptance and disempowerment’ state / condition within yourself in relation to what is happening to life on earth and everything / everyone within it.
I mean, it’d be fascinating to witness how many more people will take part in for example Living Income Guaranteed with changing their relationship to these small moments of thoughts and reactions when it comes to change / contributing to it!

I’d suggest experimenting with this: whenever you have thoughts and emotions pertaining to things along the lines of world change / the future of humanity, to in that moment stop, breathe and instead ask yourself “what can I do to assist and support?” From accepting and allowing yourself to go into disempowerment in relation to your own thoughts and emotions, you CHANGE THE MOMENT and so CHANGE YOURSELF to self empowerment by adding / contributing a little bit to assisting and supporting world change / self change. Living Income Guaranteed is a platform where many are gathering, standing together and standing up with propositions and solutions for world change that are practical, viable and sustainable. Therefore, from accepting and allowing the thought and emotion of oppression, speak the words of standing up “how can I contribute?” and do some research in Living Income Guaranteed.

This small exercise will assist and support you to see, realise and understand how MANY thoughts and reactions you in fact accept and allow to define you and how you have the ability to in a moment decide, change and transform yourself and the moment. So, again: look at thoughts and reaction – it stops you from acting / participating in a moment (when looking at the context here of world / self change), when you could’ve used that one moment to for example participate when it comes to self change / world change.


  1. There is a typo in the blog Sunette, first paragraph after the title Expansion, 3rd raw from the bottom 'is what is contributing to so many people in this world not being oppressed by their own thoughts' should be 'is what is contributing to so many people in this world being oppressed by their own thoughts', seems to me. Thanks for this piece!


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