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A Journey with and through a Room: Moments of Breakthrough

A Journey with and through a Room How a room transformed me, my relationships and my life

I am 31. This is my age, yes – but not my definition, my self definition. When you hear me, and within hearing me, also  know me – you will know that when I say “I am 31” I merely speak of age and time, not who I AM as a person within myself.
I have for some time been exposed to individuals who define who they are according to age. “I am this / that age – I must be married, have kids, have a place of my own, be ready to retire…” and the list goes on… I oftentimes imagine seeing people who speak like this as a rat in a cage, running on a wheel – the wheel representing age and time, running in circles in their own minds and lives to catch up to time, yet not realising they are creating their relationship with time and age in their minds in the first place!!!
Honestly, I have accepted and allowed myself to – (because of how some closest to me in my life, even those who I have developed relationshi…