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Remaining Consistent through the Ups and Downs

Remaining consistent through the Ups and Downs

Sometimes I've faced days where my general mood / experience goes through ups and downs. Other times my body goes through pains / discomforts (such as for example during periods / body not agreeing with food leading to nausea and diarrhoea / the flu starting to rear its head) leading to a physical experience of ups and downs during a day.
Yes, we all go through ‘general’ ups and downs when it comes to your inner experience and physical experience during a day – but not to the extent where it influences / affects your daily responsibilities / priorities. Sometimes, it does occur that your inner / physical experiences affects your daily responsibilities and priorities; but most are in such a state of survival and dependency on work and money: there is no ‘space and time’ to ‘indulge’ in the inner and physical experience and so push through ‘em no matter what. Only giving yourself the time and space ‘allowed’ over weekends or moments thro…