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...for now, I am FEAR.

...for now, I am FEAR.

I’ve been consumed by fear. Fear has become me. Fear attached to everyone and everything that became a part of me, came close with me. I didn’t realise the extent to which fear preoccupied my everyday life thoughts and general experience…showing itself through constant, continuous inner and physical stress, anxiety, nervousness and tension.
Until I stepped back and ask myself: who am I within and as the word FEAR?
I feared losing money. I feared having nothing. I feared losing my pups. I feared losing where I live. I feared losing everyone I lived with / walked a path with. I feared losing my partner. I feared losing everyone I met in my life…I feared dying sooner than I felt I needed to, I feared leaving this world before I had the chance / opportunity to do and say everything I felt I had to, I needed to.
So much fear, all the time, coming up in random moments in my everyday life. Seemingly dispersed in random moments throughout my day, the week, weeks and…