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The Suppression Virus and an All Systems Meltdown

The Suppression Virus and an All Systems Meltdown 

The video below is an expansion on the following post: My playful “whoops” face lol My laptop crashed recently due to delaying defragging and doing a general system clean up / all round check after my laptop showed some problems here and there. Even though I knew I had to do it sooner…I delayed the process for all sorts of reasons (or shall I rather say excuses) – all of which seemed valid in the moment (as it tends to go with the nature of excuses). So, I faced the consequences of my delays via excuses when my laptop crashed during a pivotal time with a few deadlines that were due.  This opened up an interesting point in relation to delaying important things, for example with the laptop: if I had made the time / created the time and space to get it done sooner I actually would have saved myself much more time. Not only that, but the defragging and general clean up / all round check also has to be done due to computer memory / storage …