The Suppression Virus and an All Systems Meltdown

The Suppression Virus and an All Systems Meltdown 

The video below is an expansion on the following post:
My playful “whoops” face lol My laptop crashed recently due to delaying defragging and doing a general system clean up / all round check after my laptop showed some problems here and there. Even though I knew I had to do it sooner…I delayed the process for all sorts of reasons (or shall I rather say excuses) – all of which seemed valid in the moment (as it tends to go with the nature of excuses). So, I faced the consequences of my delays via excuses when my laptop crashed during a pivotal time with a few deadlines that were due. 
This opened up an interesting point in relation to delaying important things, for example with the laptop: if I had made the time / created the time and space to get it done sooner I actually would have saved myself much more time. Not only that, but the defragging and general clean up / all round check also has to be done due to computer memory / storage building up from long time use and if you do not clean up / check your computer / laptop over time – it tends to cause problems / issues here and there. 
This I found also directly relates to the mind / self process when it comes to memories, especially memories charged with emotional energy and/or past experiences we tend to carry with us in our minds that eventually become burdens. If you hold onto / store as in “burdening” yourself with such things – eventually you have a form of “system meltdown” happening within yourself as inner chaos ensues due to thinking / reacting to so many things inside yourself and your life. We tend to delay working through things within ourselves, suppress / store it deep inside our consciousness – using all sorts of excuses as to why we don’t have “time” to deal with the things we struggle with causing much inner conflict…but all such delays and excuses actually make matters worse over time than how much more we would have supported ourselves if we’d just take the moments / time to sort through, deal with and find solutions to problems / issues going on inside ourselves and our lives...I’ll expand more on this in videos to come!


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