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Is it possible for Stress to be Constructive?

Is it possible for Stress to be Constructive? The video below is based on the following post:   Took a moment to sit outside the doorway leading into the music / sound studio where I do recordings and videos for EQAFE.
Can’t see here, but a gentle rain was falling, rain drops filling the air and blanketing the earth with a thin layer of water. After doing some recordings, I decided to take a moment with myself and nature, experiencing the new smells and sounds that come alive with the advent of rain.
I realised when I was sitting there, breathing and having a moment w...
ith myself and the environment that it had started becoming natural for me to take moments throughout my day – even if only for a minute: to breathe, slow down, ‘gather my thoughts’ if you will…as I in the past tended to RUSH in my mind and so RUSH in my movements from one moment to the next, which eventually contributed to a mental and physical stress I was constantly in. With supporting myself to remind myself to…