Is it possible for Stress to be Constructive?

Is it possible for Stress to be Constructive?
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Took a moment to sit outside the doorway leading into the music / sound studio where I do recordings and videos for EQAFE.
Can’t see here, but a gentle rain was falling, rain drops filling the air and blanketing the earth with a thin layer of water. After doing some recordings, I decided to take a moment with myself and nature, experiencing the new smells and sounds that come alive with the advent of rain.
I realised when I was sitting there, breathing and having a moment w...
ith myself and the environment that it had started becoming natural for me to take moments throughout my day – even if only for a minute: to breathe, slow down, ‘gather my thoughts’ if you will…as I in the past tended to RUSH in my mind and so RUSH in my movements from one moment to the next, which eventually contributed to a mental and physical stress I was constantly in. With supporting myself to remind myself to take moments throughout my day, breathe, slow down, look at how far I’ve come in my day and where my day is going – it slowly but surely started becoming a natural part of my living experience in day to day life.
For those of you who can relate to this experience of being in a constant stress and anxiety throughout your day, rushing within and without: to practise reminding yourself to take a minute or two at least 3 / 4 times a day if possible to just breathe, slow down, be aware of yourself, your environment…you know, just PAUSE for a moment! This will assist and support with breaking the pattern of thought and behaviour that can constantly cycle you into that stressed, anxious rushed mode in your mind and body.
You can visit for recordings done covering many dimensions of stress. Focusing on how to assist and support yourself in your relationship with yourself and the body to release yourself from stress and rather work with stress in a constructive way. I will also expand on this point in videos to come in relation to the difference between constructive stress and destructive stress.