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The Moment, the Day - then the Future

The Moment, the Day - then the Future

Looking to the's unpredictable, it's unknown and so therefore untrustworthy. 
We so often place trust in the future when we in our minds imagine a future we'd like / desire and in this misplace two things: creation and trust. Meaning: if you focus too much on an ideal future in your mind (whether related to career, money, relationships, life in general etc.) - many tend to think / imagine that future MORE than actually practically planning or developing ways to bring it into creation by putting in the daily effort to make that future a reality. Then you miss moments, miss days and so miss yourself in your ability to trust you and what you do day in and out to bring that future you see into creation. 
With Desteni, we focus on a self and a world within the principle of what's best for all. Actively through blogging, vlogging and personal processes walk day in and out to reach our utmost potential and look fo…