The Moment, the Day - then the Future

The Moment, the Day - then the Future

Looking to the's unpredictable, it's unknown and so therefore untrustworthy. 

We so often place trust in the future when we in our minds imagine a future we'd like / desire and in this misplace two things: creation and trust. Meaning: if you focus too much on an ideal future in your mind (whether related to career, money, relationships, life in general etc.) - many tend to think / imagine that future MORE than actually practically planning or developing ways to bring it into creation by putting in the daily effort to make that future a reality. Then you miss moments, miss days and so miss yourself in your ability to trust you and what you do day in and out to bring that future you see into creation. 

With Desteni, we focus on a self and a world within the principle of what's best for all. Actively through blogging, vlogging and personal processes walk day in and out to reach our utmost potential and look for solutions for the same for the world: being and living the change we want to see in ourselves and this world. 

Many imagine a better future...we're one by one, bit by bit finding and developing ways to make it a reality. It's time for the future to stop only existing in imagination and time for us to make it a reality through who we are and how we live.

So, with Desteni - we're taking our relationship with the future one step further: focusing on our personal future's yes - but also standing together and focusing on the future of this world. Many have referred to what we do as being a 'pipe-dream' when it comes supporting people to become the best they can be this life, when it comes to dedicating ourselves to finding solutions for this world system / humanity; however - an interesting thing to consider here is the following:
We're creating - every moment of every day, as individuals and as a collective. We have throughout human civilization left our personal future and the world / humanity's future in the hands of the future, the unpredictable, the untrustworthy. Essentially approaching life with the mindset of 'leaving ourselves, our lives, the world / humanity in the hands of something / someone else' - instead of taking the responsibility of who we are and how we live in thought, word and deed into our OWN HANDS, instead of taking the responsibility of what we create every moment of every day in our OWN HANDS, instead of taking hands with one another and holding the world and its future in ALL our hands and ACTIVELY creating ourselves and this world into the best that it can be for ourselves, each other and future generations to come. 

If you look at the past and the present - with the mindset of approaching ourselves, life and the future within the starting point it's always been as 'leaving ourselves, our lives, the world / humanity in the hands of something / someone else': we're cycling over and over and over again into what's been, what is and will become / remain as is if we continue like this. 
We know how we as individuals / a collective have approached ourselves and life in general is not and has not been working. What has to be realised by each is how you in every moment, of every day - through your action / non-action, are contributing to yourself, your life the world as it is and how it's being experienced inside and out. 

So, to understand what we mean by taking responsibility for your mind - who you are and what you live in thought, word and deed, what it means to take responsibility for your life and your future and so that of the world as a whole: visit Desteni and Living Income Guanranteed