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Time cycles, Emotion and Me

Time cycles, Emotion and Me

Ever been in an experience where you ‘wake up’ inside yourself realising you have been caught up in a negative spin in your thoughts and emotions, accepting and allowing the worry and stress of everything going wrong inside yourself and your life getting too much to handle…but more specifically realising you have forgotten about so many ‘good’ things still existing about you, your life. This leading to a point where you ask yourself: where have I been? What have I done to myself? Why have I allowed this for so long? Why have I missed so much about me and my life that’s actually quite good / okay?
But then…you TRY and focus on the ‘good’ / ‘positive’ while still processing the worry / stress of your mind and everyday life; not only that: as you continue ‘walking through life’ with each day bringing NEW and MORE challenges to deal with…you soon enough start realising that ‘remembering the good / okay’ becomes more and more difficult. Eventually, ‘rememberin…