Time cycles, Emotion and Me

Time cycles, Emotion and Me

Ever been in an experience where you ‘wake up’ inside yourself realising you have been caught up in a negative spin in your thoughts and emotions, accepting and allowing the worry and stress of everything going wrong inside yourself and your life getting too much to handle…but more specifically realising you have forgotten about so many ‘good’ things still existing about you, your life. This leading to a point where you ask yourself: where have I been? What have I done to myself? Why have I allowed this for so long? Why have I missed so much about me and my life that’s actually quite good / okay?

But then…you TRY and focus on the ‘good’ / ‘positive’ while still processing the worry / stress of your mind and everyday life; not only that: as you continue ‘walking through life’ with each day bringing NEW and MORE challenges to deal with…you soon enough start realising that ‘remembering the good / okay’ becomes more and more difficult. Eventually, ‘remembering that which is good / okay’ becomes like memories that pops up in your mind every now and then after the bad / negative things going on and accumulating inside yourself and your life just completely takes over as a ‘way of life’. In this you don’t realise how seldom you actually celebrate / nurture / focus on the good / okay / ordinary within yourself and your life.

I’ve experienced this in my life as well…having oftentimes go through such ‘cycles’ of ‘getting lost in time due to emotions overwhelming me’. Obviously, not so much the emotions overwhelming me, but more me not being strict enough with myself and directing the worries / stresses that plague my everyday thoughts…until eventually it accumulates to a point of creating the IDEA that it’s ‘too much to handle’, but’s not that it’s TOO MUCH in fact. It’s that it’s A LOT – yes, because I allowed it all to accumulate to such an extent so it’s going to take some space and time to sort through and direct…but it’s never ‘TOO MUCH’.

What I learned is the following: Once you ‘lose touch’ with yourSELF…and this ‘self’ becomes defines by the thoughts and emotions you’re leaving undirected and unresolved within yourself – it leads to you ‘losing touch with TIME’. If you ‘lose touch with self and time’, you lose touch with LIVING and what it means to CREATE yourSELF and your life through awareness and directive principle. Living and Self Creation can only happen once you release the emotions, resolve the inner issues and problems and ground your SELF within and without. If you BECOME issues / problems and emotions within yourself – this is what you will CREATE within and without. If you BECOME strict, direct, solution-oriented – this is what you will CREATE within and without.

So, in the next post we’ll be having a look at what the principle “who you are is what you will create” practically means and how to assist and support yourself to not ‘lose touch with self and time’ due to undirected and unresolved thoughts and emotions. So that you can GROUND yourSELF in TIME to be able to CREATE your awareness and so your life / living experience rather than leaving it to be created by emotions…only leading to compromise and consequence within and without. 


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