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I'm a Recovering WANT Addict

I'm a Recovering WANT Addict
My pup Stout a few years ago
I overheard someone say "I WANT that puppy!" when looking through photographs of puppies. The context was playful, because they do have animals of their own already, but expressed the words so as to emphasize the puppies cuteness and appreciation of them.
This opened up an interesting point within me when I heard the words "I WANT that puppy!", the sound in which it was said together with the facial expressions. It took me back to my childhood as well as looking at myself, relationships and life in the present. I looked at how, as children - we were so quick to say "I WANT" due to not having any education / understanding of responsibilities and obligations tied to money and practicality. Interestingly enough, this is a hole we may be still fall into that we dig for ourselves to this day…
Let me share and show what I mean with the above. The moment the individual spoke the words "I WANT tha…