I'm a Recovering WANT Addict

I'm a Recovering WANT Addict

My pup Stout a few years ago

I overheard someone say "I WANT that puppy!" when looking through photographs of puppies. The context was playful, because they do have animals of their own already, but expressed the words so as to emphasize the puppies cuteness and appreciation of them.

This opened up an interesting point within me when I heard the words "I WANT that puppy!", the sound in which it was said together with the facial expressions. It took me back to my childhood as well as looking at myself, relationships and life in the present. I looked at how, as children - we were so quick to say "I WANT" due to not having any education / understanding of responsibilities and obligations tied to money and practicality. Interestingly enough, this is a hole we may be still fall into that we dig for ourselves to this day…

Let me share and show what I mean with the above. The moment the individual spoke the words "I WANT that puppy!" - three dimensions opened up within me:
MY PAST: When I thought to myself "it was so easy back then to just WANT something without having to be responsible for the monies going into its food, veterinary bills and for the practicality / time of ensuring its exercise, health, attention and everyday life TLC. Not only that! But also having to consider many other people, environments, animals etc."

MY PRESENT: Once I had the above thought, I looked at what would be needed to have a pup now. Being more understanding of the everyday life things depending on money that needs consideration. I had to thus take into consideration the money, the time, all the other animals I and them already have, my working schedule and theirs etc. - everything played out within myself at once and immediately came to the already known conclusion. It would be impossible.

CONTINUED CONSEQUENCE OF WANT: Then I looked at how, where, when and towards whom in my life do I still entertain WANTS and seldom consider money, time and many other practical obligations and responsibilities. Shockingly quite a few actually opened up for me. Allowing me to once again reflect on Who I am within the word WANT. Prompting this introspection with the following questions:
Am I accessing my childhood want by getting / having this NOW and in so doing - compromising practical responsibilities and other monetary obligations?
If I were to take a breath, slow down and let the experience of this WANT inside myself go - are there any other options available to me that I can plan around to obtain this /that?
Have I, with this / that I WANT - considered everything and everyone commonsensically, practically and realistically or am I stuck in an emotional experience in this moment?

Sharing this MWM with everyone to assist and support with a quick self and life check-in when it comes to your relationship with appeasing WANTS NOW. Oftentimes leading to the consequence of having to face the fall out of the domino-effect created the moment you did not consider many other things and people, now and into the future. Yes, many eyes may open and the veil may drop when it comes to seeing and realising the consequences such WANT-addiction can lead to. Now it's time to 'face the music' as they say…get yourself out of that hole / holes, understand how you dug and fell into them, ensure you learn from it in such a way to live a leading example of sharing techniques and methods to ASSESS your wants with reality, now and into the future.

Thank you for reading.

Until the next MWM! Sharing how our WANTS can lead us to 'fulfilling a feeling in a moment' yet missing a lifetime experience if we'd only have patience, slow down, breathe and consider things more. A tough lesson I have lived in my life...