Remaining Consistent through the Ups and Downs

Remaining consistent through the Ups and Downs

Sometimes I've faced days where my general mood / experience goes through ups and downs. Other times my body goes through pains / discomforts (such as for example during periods / body not agreeing with food leading to nausea and diarrhoea / the flu starting to rear its head) leading to a physical experience of ups and downs during a day.

Yes, we all go through ‘general’ ups and downs when it comes to your inner experience and physical experience during a day – but not to the extent where it influences / affects your daily responsibilities / priorities. Sometimes, it does occur that your inner / physical experiences affects your daily responsibilities and priorities; but most are in such a state of survival and dependency on work and money: there is no ‘space and time’ to ‘indulge’ in the inner and physical experience and so push through ‘em no matter what. Only giving yourself the time and space ‘allowed’ over weekends or moments throughout the week to do your best to ‘centre yourself’ / ‘stabilise yourself’ as much as possible.

However, there are some who can relate to the following pattern: Accepting and allowing inner and physical experiences that aren’t necessarily “the end of the world” to overwhelm your personal process and/or everyday life responsibilities and priorities – leading to much postponement and procrastination. If / as such a pattern is accepted and allowed, it can become a ‘way of life’ in a way of making up SO many excuses, reasons and justification – a master manipulator of yourself, your mind and your life…

I have observed this pattern within me, where I had a tendency to let my ‘daily ups and downs of moods and emotions’ control me into a state of experience where I’d manipulate myself into “I don’t have the motivation / drive to do this / that” or “I don’t feel like this / that” or “I have too much on my plate right now to get this / that done”…accepting and allowing my ‘mood / inner state’ to essentially take control of my focus and physical movement of getting things done in reality.
Then, the same with some physical experiences – where yes, my body is in pain and discomfort, but am more than capable of breathing and slowing down with moments of opportunity to still move and get as much done as possible, but instead accept and allow myself to go into the pattern of: “I am in too much pain” and “I’m just going to take these couple of days off and once my body is 100% only then will I start doing anything” etc.

Yes, what is evident here is the design of procrastination / postponement and the excuses, reasons and justifications of self manipulation – however, another dimension to this is the following: the extent to which we accept and allow the UPS and DOWNS within ourselves and our bodies to determine and define our REAL TIME PHYSICAL MOVEMENT AND APPLICATION in reality. So, what opened up for me within my process is how this relationship to accepting and allowing myself to fall into and go into the ups and downs within me and my body contributed to the procrastination / postponement design within myself.

Therefore, if you have a tendency to accept and allow yourself to through the daily inner and physical ups and downs you go through, fall into it and lose track of your daily responsibilities and priorities – leading to creating postponement / procrastination in your daily life: join me in the next post where I will assist and support with a practical daily way of living / applying yourself to remain CONSISTENT and STABLE within yourself, despite the inner and physical ups and downs and so PREVENT the triggering of the pattern of postponement and procrastination….