A Moment of Focus

A Moment of Focus

Today I looked at the word FOCUS, reminding me of this photo. Stout, intently focusing himself on something is not only seen in his eyes, but his total presence coming through in the photo. Focus on yourself, priorities and responsibilities is something you can slowly lose as your focus shifts into thoughts and emotions in the Mind...entertaining fears in the Mind over time can do this especially well. I've realised one cannot be as focused and so disciplined to one's utmost potential, while having an effective balance between play and work...as long as one is in a constant emotional state that starts taking over and taking precedence over self and ones everyday life experience. So, when you start noticing things slacking or being postponed in your life...get that focus and balance back by taking responsibility for what's going on inside yourself before it takes over you and your life.

I have personally walked through such a process – how my undirected thoughts and emotions slowly but surely over time started taking me over, causing my priorities and responsibilities to start slacking and/or simply not attended to at all…meaning: I wouldn’t put as much effort into things as I knew I could, other things would be postponed to the last minute or simply not done at all and over time fade.
I’d have many IDEAS of what I can do / what can be done come up in my Mind, but none of it would come into actual doing / action. I was so lost in my thoughts, emotions that I conditioned myself and behaviour in such a way where there was no motivation, strength or will left in me to tend to what I knew I could do, was supposed to do and how….and so I locked myself into a space in my Mind where I purely wandered in ideas and imaginations with me and my life slipping away slowly but surely. Not only this – but I could see how it started affecting those around me…the irritation, exasperation, frustration coming up and finally the consequence got to a point where I fortunately WOKE UP inside myself, looked at myself in the mirror of my life and said: “Girl, this is enough – you gotta stand up and change, this can’t continue like this! Look at what you are creating! Is this the life and experience you want to create for you and others!?!?!?”
Yes, there were a couple of moments throughout this time where I KNEW I had to change…but accepted and allowed the experience to overwhelm me. Focusing on so many OTHER things in my mind and life that were FAR from my responsibilities / priorities…essentially avoiding me, my potential and doing everything / anything else but that which actually supported my expression, my utmost potential the most!

I during this time woke up in the midst of the consequence I had created, as though I had my eyes and head down for quite some time and never really looked up to directly see what it is that I was creating in my doing / not doing. When I finally looked up and looked into the reality of my life and the people within it: it was difficult and I didn’t like what I saw I directly / indirectly caused. Sometimes we tend to do this as well – we know our responsibility in relation to things we do / don’t do, things we say / don’t say, but we want to try and avoid this consequence, run away from it (which only in fact makes matters worse) – rather than face the facts, admit the responsibility, take responsibility and change…
So, I took a breath, forgave myself – realising that, I cannot change the past…but can only show and prove to myself that I have taken responsibility for what I accepted and allowed within me, walk my process moment by moment, day by day and stick to my commitment. My commitment to no more accept and allow myself to lose my focus into the mind / consciousness of thoughts and emotions, but stand by me, my utmost potential and give what I know I can do my all. This is an everyday process – not saying one is immediately going to change, because you have conditioned such a ‘loss of focus’ into yourself for quite some time, so it’s going to be an equal process of time, daily application, daily change to transform ‘loss of focus’ to ‘living focus’ – maintaining focus on self, priorities, responsibilities while maintaining an effective balance between work and play.

Best support I have found is to every day make sure one’s relationship with self, one’s everyday life priorities and responsibilities as well as relationship with others is tended to…keep DOING, keep MOVING, keep setting things in motion in everyday life – as long as you keep doing, keep moving: it becomes more difficult to stay in one’s Mind, losing yourself within thoughts and emotions that go everywhere…yet nowhere. While at the same time assisting and supporting yourself, as I am and have with writing, forgiveness and actual self change in one’s living - to ensure one do not lose oneself to one’s own Mind…but come to live, experience and discover one’s utmost potential.

I’ve seen for myself what losing yourself in thoughts and emotions can do to you, your life and relationship with others – I would not want this for myself and so not for anyone else. So, if you can relate to this experience and would like to understand more on thoughts, emotions – how to direct them, how to change visit Desteni and EQAFE with much support and perspective on understanding yourself, your Mind and how to become as effective in your living and life as you know you can be.


  1. Good grief. I Just wrote you pearls. And then they got erased. Dang phones. Love your words. If I'm reading and commenting on your words, then I got too comfortable and wondered in the mind and lost focus. Glad you're there when I need a woman.


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