A Moment with a Thorn

A Moment with a Thorn

This little one – as small as it is, with its sharpness - contributed to much pain in my foot. Here’s me with one of my “I’m not impressed” expressions directed at the thorn. Yet, this moment with the thorn assisted and supported me with a moment of awareness. As much as the thorn caused my foot / body pain – it’s not the thorn that’s wholly to blame. By breathing and moving through the pain, as well as the blame, I’m reminded of how such momentary ‘accidents’ actually speaks volumes of my relationship between my mind, being and body. To read more…follow the link in the comments box. Enjoy!

I was walking one afternoon to look at the fig trees blossoming, calculating the timing of when I’m able to indulge in some figs and get there before the birds get most of them! I have to, due to the birds, calculate my time of observing and picking them so that I can also have a share! There is a huge Fever tree (Koorsboom in Afrikaans) right by the fig tree I was looking at. I was wearing flip flops and the thorn managed to pierce through the flip flop, lodging half of itself into my foot. Quite the experience to breathe and pull the thorn out slowly so as to ensure I do my best for it to not break off inside the skin of my foot. It’s interesting though how something so small can cause so much pain – I was limping for the rest of the day, but all healed the following day! Yet, a supportive moment this, even with the discomfort and pain – because it kept me aware within myself to look into this moment with regards to where exactly the thorn pierced my foot. Why this, is the following:

We oftentimes take little bumps, such as bumping your toe, walking with your knees into tables and chairs, spraining your ankle, stiff neck, ‘accidentally’ hitting your finger with a hammer while trying to nail in a screw, slightly nipping your finger with a knife when cutting too fast – we oftentimes take moment like these for granted. When they in fact, as I mentioned above, speak volumes of your relationship between your mind and body. This has to do with being able to ‘read your mind in your body’. What does this mean?

I have for some time within my life, through this process of Portalling and research with so many other individuals: slowly but surely started developing and specifying the ‘mapping of the mind in the physical body’. This ‘mapping’ has to do with, for example, showing how each organ, the details of the skeletal structure, the vein system, the brain etc. (everything of and within the physical body) relates to different aspects / dimensions of the mind. In this post, I will share the relationship I discovered between my mind and body through my experience with the thorn and how this supported me to look at a point I was actually working with / dealing with inside myself by being able to identify / recognise this mind-body relationship.

I used reflexology foot-body mapping to assist and support with identifying the location of where the thorn pierced my foot and how this location relates to specific areas of my entire body. The thorn pierced the top, inside of my left foot. According to reflexology foot-body mapping – the general area where the thorn specifically pierced is connected to my esophagus and lungs. From here, with my knowledge and information, primarily through Portalling – the esophagus pertains to ‘communication and voicing’ and the lungs pertain to suppression and family. Here, generally speaking of course as there is much more details relationships between the mind-body relationship when it comes to the esophagus and lungs. Also significant is the fact that it was my left foot. The significance here, also to do with the mapping of the mind in the body in the sense that: the left side of the body represents your ‘personal internal processes’ – the things you tend to keep to yourself / keep secret / suppress. The right side of the body represents your ‘external relationships, processes and experiences’ – when it comes to your thoughts, reactions, behaviour towards something / someone external in your life. Herein, with it being my left foot, the left side of my body – bringing together the esophagus and the lungs: this opened up the point I have been ‘fighting with’ inside myself when it came to certain relationships with individuals in my life who I have been wanting to speak to / share things with – but have been holding back / suppressing instead.

So, this moment with the thorn, with reality and so my mind-body relationship: brought me back to a moment of ATTENTION-AWARENESS – to pay more attention to this point within myself in a way of resolving it / giving it direction and finding/creating solutions.

I will in the next post continue with the point that opened up for me within myself and my process. Together with explaining why and how such ‘momentary accidents and discomforts / pains’ within this reality in relation to our bodies should not be taken for granted, but looked into and understood when grasping the extent of our mind-body relationships and the extent to which our minds have an impact on the experience of our bodies and so our movement, participation and relationship with this physical world / reality.