A Lesson with Nature: Moving with Awareness vs Memory Movement

A Lesson with Nature: Moving with Awareness vs Memory Movement

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Nature, me, music, pups keeping me company together with Kim Amourette...made for a great morning as everyone on the farm put in a couple of hours to tend to various farm projects and general upkeep. Fascinating also to observe the insect life while I was digging out the old compost around the immediate surrounding areas of the trees to prepare for new fresh compost to be placed...even had me a couple of good (meaning painful!!!) bites from some red ants. Taking me back to childhood memories of being unaware and sitting on a red ants nest lol Reminding me of practical awareness: to move slow, gently removing the old compost in such a way that I give myself and the insects the necessary space and time to move while for a moment having to disturb their habitat with the changes from the old compost to the new. I got bitten by some red ants because I was moving too fast while clearing the old compost away...and wasn't prepared with the necessary gloves. So...lesson remembered! Be more aware through moving slower and more considerately, slower yet considerate movements supports with giving the necessary space and time to act / direct a moment when it comes to such experiences with nature.


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