When is enough, enough?

When is enough, enough?

One thing in most of my life has been a constant: creating consequence. There was always an imbalance in this relationship between consequence, LEARNING from miss-takes and actually CHANGING within myself. I own up to the fact that even still, to this day, I make miss-takes and it does sometimes take me longer to fundamentally change what is needed. I ‘know’ within myself I have the ability and capacity to implement this transfer from problem to solution, from consequence to learning to changing much FASTER…yet have still accepted and allowed myself to substantiate ‘problems and consequence’ more within myself. Not realising that, I will face resistance to substantiate / focus more on solutions, on the process of learning and actually changing. Why Resistance? With change comes Resistance – especially change from ‘bad to good’ for some reason. Meaning, I oftentimes ask myself: why is it sooooooooooooooooo EASY to participate in emotions, to create consequence even when I KNOW it’s gonna cause shit for me and/or others? Why is it sooooooooooooooooo DIFFICULT to STOP participation in emotions, FIND SOLUTIONS and the best outcome for me and others equally? It’s only me existing within myself – responsible for my own mind and so what I accept and allow within it…so why am I making it so difficult for myself? Yes – with the research we have done regarding the Mind / Consciousness – there are many ‘patterns’ of thinking / reacting, many dimensions to one’s relationship with thoughts and emotions that contribute to leaning more towards problems and consequence, especially because we’ve been conditioned to live without awareness and rather accept and allow the control of thoughts and emotions to define who / how we are in moments.


There comes a time, and this is what I realised throughout my process: there comes a time when you have to DECIDE when enough is enough. There comes a time when you are more than capable of seeing the DIFFERENCE between Problems / Consequence and Solutions / Learning / Changing. Where you KNOW when you are using EXCUSES to justify you simply not making the BEST / BETTER decision for you and others that will create an outcome that’s best for all. That MOMENT where you are AWARE and KNOW what is BEST for yourself and others, the RESPONSIBILITY you have to within that awareness MOVE yourself to stop problems / consequence and direct yourself / moments into solutions, learning and change: here SELF RESPONSIBILITY becomes of utmost importance.
But…very few seem to take that one step…Self Responsibility, which is supposed to be Birthed from the MOMENT you are Aware and more than capable of seeing the difference between the problems / consequence thoughts and emotions can create and the solution-learning-changing process that comes from forgiveness, breathing and the directive principle of self change.Now, lol – interesting enough, many can in this moment come up with even more excuses such as: “I can’t always tell the difference”, “I am not aware”…and the list goes on. Fascinating that one’s mind’s first response would be excuses, rather than looking at the point within self and finding solutions to become more aware, see more clearly, take more responsibility…

So, we need to reverse our tendency to shift into problems / consequence – when we all inherently do know what is best for ourselves and others as equals in moments. We have this knowledge…we just have not taken responsibility for it, instead we have accepted and allowed (again, our individual responsibility) thoughts and emotions to create ourselves, our lives…

When is enough, enough?
When do the excuses stop?

When do we finally DECIDE to stop, take a breath, forgive and really change – taking responsibility for our miss-takes, learning and genuinely changing in a way that can be SEEN and EXPERIENCED by ourselves and others as equals?


  1. This was great for me today and my current thoughts! :)


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