Reaping the Rewards of another's Journey to Success

Reaping the Rewards of another's Journey to Success

The video above was inspired by the following posts below - detailing Kim Amourette's journey through her Failures (miss-takes) into the Successes (through re-takes / trying again) when it came to baking Meringues and Choc-Chip Meringue burgers. The video above shares how her process, also contributed to many other people's lives, yes in terms of sweet indulgences lol - but how the principle of her experience can be pulled through into many other contexts in one's general life experience. Enjoy!

Homemade meringues. It took me a while to get these the way I wanted them but by enjoying the process of experimenting and altering variables to understand what works and what doesn't, I managed to create something despite initially not seeing or understanding how to do it. This I found is one of the keys to creating or manifesting something, is to trust that you have the ability to create anything as long as you are willing to learn, test things out and be patient... oh, and ask Google how to do things - Kim Amourette

As promised an update on the meringue choc chip cookie adventure. I am busy making a second batch since the ones I made yesterday are finished already! Not that everyone liked them though. Some said it was amazing, others said it confused their mouth, others found it too gooy while I found the gooyness the best thing about it and others didn't like it at all. I have had to make a shift inside myself a long while ago with cooking for many people to let go of the desire to please others because it only leaves you feeling frustrated and stressed out as you try to attain the unattainable lol. I find I am much more at ease and relaxed with doing things for Self-Enjoyment than when I was doing them to please those around me. - Kim Amourette 

This is happening! Manifesting the proposal to find out what happens when you make meringue chocolate chip burgers... This would be perhaps the first time in my life where the phrase "I don't know what I am doing" exhilarates me. This will either be totally awesome or absolutely horrible, however the exhilarating part is knowing that whatever happens, I will learn something new and will therein develop my newfound baking skill! Will be following up with an update on how this project turns out! - Kim Amourette

Whoohooo! Thanks Kim Amourette...and just so you know, we're looking forward to walking this journey with you. Granted there are some failures and successes - but walking with you through the miss-takes, learning from them and re-taking them again: has provided us on the farm with many yummylicious indulgences! Here with you! (and inspired another video I'll do sharing the rewards you experience by supporting another in their journey through failures (miss-takes) and successes (learning and re-takes). Thanks again Kim! - Sunette Spies