Why are we so willing to destroy and give up, but don’t have the equal / same willingness to Create?

Why are we so willing to destroy and give up, but don’t have the equal / same willingness to Create?

Yesterday I watched a couple of minutes of the final fight scene in the movie Superman: Man of Steel – specifically where they fight against and through the buildings, destroying anything and everything in their path.
A point that came up within me while watching this scene in the movie was: “Look at how easy it is to destroy these buildings and if this were ‘real’ – how long it would take to rebuild all the destruction.”
Obviously, such scenes are happening in real life – not as a fight between two supernatural beings, but wars in this world wreaking an equal amount of destruction and chaos of years of labour, blood, sweat and tears put into building infrastructure in countries. This lead me to question: “Why is life set up this way where it’s so easy to destroy – yet can take years / a lifetime to build / create something?” and “Why / how is it possible for one thing, for one moment to destroy years / lifetime’s worth of building and creating?”

What opened up for me with having a look at buildings / construction of infrastructures on earth – was also, for example relationships (friendship, familial, partner / marriage etc.) and nature / the environment…how quickly and easily one thing in relationships (an argument / fight, cheating, the ‘loss of the feeling of love’, betrayal / deception) can break YEARS / almost a lifetime walked together. Having a look at nature / the environment how quickly and easily it can be altered / changed where centuries of growth took place to create it - a few years to human exposure with deforestation and pollution can make such a process creation null and void.

All of this opening up another question in terms of having a look at relationships – let’s focus on the creation / destruction of relationships:
Why do we hold onto that one thing / one moment compromising a relationship and not look at the YEARS / lifetime walked together – but would accept and allow one experience to define the years / lifetime walked / lived together?
Why do we accept and allow one moment / experience / thing of destruction to define YEARS / a lifetime of creation / building / investment?
Why would we in the first place accept and allow ourselves to, for example, when it comes to relationships – even consider doing that one thing in thought / word or deed that would compromise / destroy the years / lifetime walked / lived together?
Why do we not celebrate, honour, respect and regard CREATION enough – even that which we’re directly a part of such as a relationship with another, to invest all that we are and have for the relationship to be / become its utmost potential?
What happens in space and time, also even relationships – no matter how short / long it’s been, that we somewhere, somehow along the lines shift and our focus in thought and deed tends to entertain things that would compromise / destroy the relationship? Why is our focus / intent within and without not on creation, building, developing, growth and expansion?

The above only touches on our relationship with creation and destruction when it comes to relationships, where even when it comes to our direct participation in relationships: we tend to lose touch with the point of creation / building / expanding and developing ourselves in and with the relationship - and eventually walk down a path leading to compromise or destruction.

Even within the process from consciousness to awareness this tendency towards destruction / compromise rather than creation, growth and development is seen. The process from consciousness to awareness, which is the process of self creation - the focus / attention and process involved with self creation can take a back seat / one can lose focus when one / few things compromising / consequential happen in the mind and in life; causing individuals to very quickly and easily give up / give in and continue living compromising / consequential mind patterns affecting their life / living experience.

With all of this opening up from watching one scene from a movie lol – will continue in videos to come, answering some of the questions above and expanding on how we can assist and support ourselves in our relationship with ourselves, others, our individual lives and also on a global scale: To focus on CREATION, growth and development, rather than accepting and allowing this tendency towards destruction / compromise on a small and greater scale – so that we can become living and leading examples of what can come to fruition if we focus ourselves more on honouring, respecting and nurturing creation.