Memories: your own worst enemy or greatest source of support

Memories: your own worst enemy or greatest source of support

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In my hand: a Driver. On my face: the look of “Oh yes! This is happening!” lol Started the process of getting into golf. I used to caddy for my father when I was younger for pocket money. Walking the 18 holes and learning much about golf through him, until I eventually got my own clubs and even joined a golf school with my brother for some time. However, as time went by – my attention as a girl during those years shifted to seemingly more ‘other important things’ lol and golf took a back seat, unfortunately.
An opportunity opened up for me to take it up again and I am grateful for it, because I am thoroughly enjoying myself – even though I am a little rusty! But, with the couple of times I have been to the driving range and hitting some balls on the farm, I do see some improvement happening slowly but surely. This is to a certain extent a new experience for me, having to re-learn and remember much due to not playing for years – so, in itself quite a challenge. Fortunately I am a person who’s up for challenges!
This experience opened up an interesting point in terms of re-learning and remembering something I used to do well and now I am experiencing myself as being ‘rusty’, the process being challenging. How one’s mind tends to remember the PAST when you were relatively ‘good’ / ‘better’ at something – not remembering where you are at now / how you are NOW / in the present when it comes to a particular skill. This can cause you to shift your focus too much into remembering the MEMORIES of how you were and not focus on developing yourself and your skill in the present / from the present; essentially having to move yourself within yourself to start AGAIN, to start ANEW – to start all over: giving yourself a NEW beginning.
I will in videos / posts to come share more about this inner conflict that can arise between the PAST and PRESENT when it comes to a particular talent / skill and how to support yourself to move yourself into the more supportive starting point of starting again…a new beginning.


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