How a Potential Moment of Distraction became a Moment of Inspiration

 How a Potential Moment of Distraction became a Moment of Inspiration

On my index finger I hereby give to you a little Praying Mantis! I was doing my nails outside by the porch on a warm SA evening (even with thunder and lightning rumbling in the background!) - when this little one jumped onto my hand just as I was about to start and kept me company throughout the process of tending to my nails. Walking on my hands, fingers, face, hair and clothes lol So, throughout the process I was constantly aware of it, carefully moving my hands, fingers and body in consideration of where it was because of being so small.
This made me look at how so many of us tend to do certain things in a specific way/routine that requires attention and focus. Whenever something/someone distracts us from it (or rather we perceive them to be a distraction due to us reacting to them)...we tend to react emotionally and push them away so that we can return to our space/moment of focus and concentration. In a way not realising we're in fact distracting ourselves more with the reactions within ourselves that is in fact interfering with our focus, attention and concentration.
I used to be like this, with people and even with little insects - until I understood the principle of inclusion and expansion: How with including the unpredictable into a moment / your space and finding a way to work with it and do what needs to get actually expand your awareness and so scope of attention/concentration. I could have reacted to this little one and moved it away, but with including it into my moment and expanding my awareness of attention and concentration: It made for quite an enjoyable and different experience doing my nails.
I will expand more on this in a video to come in relation to how you in everyday life moments can transform what you perceive as distractions/interferences, into opportunities of expanding your awareness

The video below expands on the experience of being distracted by something / someone in your environment when trying to concentrate and how to assist and support yourself to move through the reactions, slow down your thoughts and see for yourself how you are in fact distracting yourself the most by accepting and allowing thoughts and reactions in the mind in such moments:


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