Absolutism vs. Self Trust

Absolutism vs. Self Trust

The video below is an expansion on the following post:
Absolutism and Self Trust: I’ve always looked at change in a way of perceiving it as a constant in the sense of “if / when change comes – whatever it may be, good or bad, I’ll be able to handle it”. When I’ve come to realise that in life – one cannot make such absolute statements.
If you could predict your own future to the extent of being able to beforehand know EXACTLY what is going to happen with changes unfolding in your life, everything and everyone that will be involved and who you’ll be within it all, while at the same time being able to prepare yourself to handle it as best possible: then yes, you can make such absolute statements when it comes to life. But, even then, with predicting your own future, seeing it play out and preparing yourself for what is to come: there are MANY things that can play out differently in so many ways…
The point here is that: you can want to prepare yourself for change, for what may come to pass in your future as much as you’d like – yet, be cautious of going into the egotistical state of ‘absolutism’ in the sense of saying for example “I am ready for ANYTHING!” lol – ‘Life’ may just challenge this and say “Oh really!? Okay, well, let’s see!”

I’ve learned to live my life in a way where I do prepare myself for possibilities and probabilities, yes – but at the same time I do remain standing humble, always ready and prepared to be flexible enough to learn more about myself, about life and others based on changes I walk through.
This has been a process supporting myself to not go into absoluteness / absolute statements but to remain humble, open and flexible to making mistakes and/or learning more. Standing within and as such a point – assists and supports with self expansion, growth and development. Going into absoluteness, leads to becoming egotistical and losing yourself in an illusion of superiority over life itself in a way – this can oftentimes lead to having to face quite a few hard knocks in life to realise you don’t have absolute control over who / how you are with what you may face in this lifetime on earth.

Here is the difference: Absolutism leads to Ego and Self Trust leads to learning, development and growth on an individual level. Self Trust is that which allows you to accept the fact that you may make mistakes, you may fall, you may even surprise yourself and take on changes that comes in your life like a pro…but within this, you trust yourself enough to know that: whatever may come to be / come to pass, you know yourself well enough and have the support within yourself and those around you to see it through, to learn from it to expand, grow and develop.
I will continue more on this in videos to come – expanding on the difference between absolutism and self trust.


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