From Challenges to Breakthroughs - the Process of Self Change

From Challenges to Breakthroughs - the Process of Self Change

From clapping hands, to high-fives, to blowing kisses…now learning to do the fist bump with the word “boom” afterwards lol This little dude is learning so fast in this phase of his developmental process. What’s been standing out for me in his process of learning is how much and how fast he processes information. Sometimes he gets it immediately, especially when it’s something he hasn’t done before like the fist bump. Other times he takes some time, for instance: we tried showing him how to eat spaghetti by holding the string with your lips and sucking it in – but he’d already become accustomed to using both hands and instead stuffing it in his mouth and has stuck to that…for the moment lol
In observing his process I looked at process in general in terms of the extent to which we ingrained patterns of thinking, reacting and behaving - that it takes time to change them as they’ve become so much part of the fibre of our being. Like for example with Cesar, stuffing the spaghetti in his mouth as opposed to also exploring different ways of doing it, yet – when learning something he’s not seen EVER before, it integrates into him / becomes a part of him MUCH FASTER as with for example the fist bump.
In having a look at myself in my process in the past, how much more difficult it was for me to try and learn ANYTHING new and/or change habits / compromising patterns of behaviour. It was as though there was no “space” within me to integrate / incorporate something new to become a part of me and naturally do it / apply it. As though, my mind / thoughts and general busyness I was preoccupied with in my conscious/subconscious mind created this WALL that didn’t allow for anything new to naturally integrate, be learned or even tried out. With that WALL in itself also being the compromising habits / patterns of thinking / behaviour that just didn’t want to budge into a point of change within and as myself. Looking back at how many times I simply just didn’t unconditionally give something a go, try it, push myself to explore it such as new sports, activities or even challenging myself mentally in terms of math skills / programming – how many opportunities I could have missed to learn something new simply because I allowed my thoughts and emotions to interfere.
It’s amazing how much you can learn from children and observing their development. In my blog “Moments with Me” I will expand on this experience of how / why self change for example is something challenging and why it is we tend to ‘fight for / defend’ the ideas / beliefs we have of ourselves in thought and reaction patterns – even if they are obviously compromising to ourselves and others.

Here is the video as an expansion on this post:



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