THINKING about problems vs CREATING solutions

THINKING about problems vs CREATING solutions

I’ve faced moments within myself where it sometimes felt like “I don’t know what to do” / “I don’t know what decision to make” / “I feel so alone” / “What should I do” / “What am I supposed to do” / “What is the right way” / “What is right or wrong” / “Am I making a mistake”…you know, such ponderings and wandering into the realm of thinking inside myself – always accompanied with emotional experiences of stress, worry, fear, judgment, concern, anxiety etc. I have oftentimes THOUGHT myself into such a state and remained in it for quite some time – like circling inside myself with such thoughts and emotions about what to do or what not to do when it comes to making decisions or facing problems / challenges within myself and my life. Making decisions can be tough - especially when you TRY and make decisions through THINKING too much about them and not only that – but also becoming emotional about them inside yourself.

So, I’ve found within myself – when “looking” at things inside myself by thinking about problems / decisions while in an emotional experience, it’s like inside the Mind so many dimensions open up of “Hey! Have you considered this” or “Hey! What about that” or “Hey! Don’t forget to look at this / that” and soon enough you trouble yourself with so many thoughts and reactions circling a problem / decision within yourself you don’t realise how LOST you become in your own thoughts and emotions. So lost that you lose SIGHT of the MAIN POINT: the initial problem / decision that needs direction / solution, because you’ve preoccupied your mind with thoughts and reactions towards the problem / decision…

We’ve become so accustomed to THINKING and REACTING to problems / decisions inside ourselves – rather than slowing down, calming down, writing out the problem / decision, LOOKING at all the dimensions involved and as they open up within you as you continue LOOKING – continue writing them out, essentially ‘mapping out’ the problem / decision for yourself in front of you to get a very clear DIRECT VIEW of what you’re facing.
You’ll find that as long as you continue thinking about problems / decisions and how to resolve / direct them – you very quickly get lost in TOO MANY THOUGHTS and the emotions you rally up inside yourself really clouds your clarity, judgment and reasoning skills.

So, the best solution I have personally found is to: whenever I’m facing a problem or decision inside myself or my life to which I am emotionally reacting – take a BREATH, SLOW DOWN, write out the problem / decision in front of me with everything that’s involved within it, all the information; and when I notice emotional reactions come up, I breathe, do forgiveness. This stabilises me to be able to look at the information as the problem / decision through the eyes of stability / groundedness which gives me the CLARITY and SUPPORT to be able to confront / face the problem / decision much more practically and constructively.

You’ll find within this process that – all the thoughts accompanied with emotional reactions was more personal fears / preprogramming interfering with you being able to CREATE a SOLUTION to a problem, CREATE a DIRECTION to a decision you’re faced with inside yourself and your life. So, assist and support yourself to take that step within yourself where, whenever you find you’re thinking and reacting TOO MUCH to a decision / problem – write it out, walk forgiveness to calm the emotions and push yourself to look at the problem not as a “problem” but as a door you need to walk through to find / create a SOLUTION. To look at a decision as an OPPORTUNITY for you to walk into a certain direction / experience that would be best for you and/or others in terms of learning, growing and expanding in who you are or in a certain area / field of expertise / skills etc.
Within this, you can ask / consult others who you connect with to support you in facing the problem / decision – others who may be able to ADD to your creating a direction for a decision and a solution to a problem, utilising all the resources at your disposal to assist and support yourself to face and resolve / direct this experience you’re facing within you / your life.

So, to take with you for today: THINKING about problems / decisions too much only in the confines of your own mind does one thing – generates more thoughts and emotions lol Rather CREATE the DIRECTION and SOLUTION by ‘mapping’ everything out, gathering all the information, sourcing the support and show yourself the potential you have to stop REACTING to problems / decisions and rather being the directive principle of them.