Time is always against us…

Time is always against us…

I recently read an article about scientists discovering a breakthrough regarding longevity and reversing ageing. This brought up a question within me: if I could reverse my ageing process – would I? If I could live longer, even reach immortality – would I? Wow! There’s so many dimensions to consider within this question, but mainly – I looked at the following:

Each person on this earth has the potential to develop their particular skills they are naturally born with or inherently able to cultivate. However, I find such potentials to be inhibited / oppressed by, for example the education systems only rearing individuals into jobs within the World System to survive; but then again, an education and a life / surviving in this world is not guaranteed for all equally due to how Money controls humanity / this earth at the moment. It’s essentially that each person on this earth has not had a chance / opportunity to truly develop themselves, who they are and how they are into and as the best that they can be as this World / Money System has not allowed for such evolution to take place within all people equally.

Humans have been trying to figure out the mystery that is “time” when it comes to the process of ageing – figuring out ways to prolong the lifespan of people, essentially wanting to ‘play god with time’. Well, we don’t have a very good track record when it comes to ‘playing god’ – for instance wanting to control the earth, resources, money – dominating that which has been GIFTED to us unconditionally by this physical universe, we’ve properly managed to find every and any way to (excuse my frankness) f**k it up.
So, now wanting to play god with time and control time by living longer…honestly, the future looks bleak…very, very bleak. Instead of using TIME as a gift, instead of using the EARTH as a gift, instead of using our BODIES as a gift, instead of using our MINDS as a gift – using what we HAVE HERE that has been GIVEN to us to live / reach our utmost potential that we do have and is existent within each one of us: we’ve ABUSED it and created an atrocity of creation and of ourselves as reflected what this world / reality has become.

I would say, the ANSWER / KEY is not to try and CONTROL time, not try and CONTROL each other, not try and CONTROL this earth / physical existence or ‘play god’ – but to LEARN to use it effectively, within a principle that will guide us individually and collectively as what is best for all equal and one. It has been said that “God created us in his image and his likeness” – I truly think that this statement has not yet been learnt as to its REAL meaning when it comes to our relationship with ourselves, each other and this physical existence as a whole. We’ve been trying to ‘play god’ in our minds, our lives and this world as a whole through control – instead of living the image and likeness of god as equality, as oneness, as what’s best for all through how we effectively USE / SOURCE what has been given / gifted to us as our minds, bodies and this physical existence. To use it to CREATE ‘heaven on earth’ instead of the ‘hell on earth’ we’ve become within and without.

So, how to USE time, our minds, bodies and this physical existence effectively: This can be done by making sure humanity is equally taken care of and cared for in terms of living a life in this world (See living income guaranteed for proposals on changes in the World System / Money System), the education systems are geared to cultivating each child’s inherent potential / developing that as what of each ONE can express and live into their utmost potential that contributes to supporting life on earth and creating a better life for all equally. Essentially, I’d say the ‘problem’ has never been TIME – it’s been our relationship with time and who we are / have been in every moment, every second, every minute, every hour…

If we’d assist and support the nurturing of children’s potential, of adult’s potential in THIS LIFETIME – we can change this world and make it a place where we’d want to continue living in. Living longer is not going to solve anything or change anything – children being born are NEW individuals, NEW beings who can contribute to this earth / this existence and have a chance to LIVE and experience themselves. If all of us who are HERE NOW – stand up within ourselves, realise the GIFTS we have as time, our minds, our bodies and this physical existence and STAND TOGETHER to create heaven on earth, we will leave behind an IMMORTALITY that is sustainable, long term and worthwhile for generations to come, for new individuals / beings to come into heaven on earth, to live, to experience themselves, to discover their potentials and contribute to this existence.

Honestly – the idea of living longer would be great, cause then I have MORE TIME to do what I want to achieve in this lifetime cause there’s SO MUCH I want to do and get done on a global scale in terms of the potential I see for humanity and this earth…however: I find this that desire comes from the fact of me knowing my relationship with TIME, that it can be used more effectively by me, by everyone who are HERE right now. If we use time, our minds, bodies and this earth in the principle of life as what is best for all as one as equal – man, we can make a difference that will stand the test of time in existence creating heaven on earth. So, I commit to support myself to use the GIFT that is TIME as what I have and has been given to me to do what I can within the time available and support others to STAND and reach that same potential as those who are here and also generations to come to give each as those to come the equal opportunity I have had with TIME to realise and live this potential and bring to manifestation that which we’re all capable of: a better self, a better life, a better world.

So, I’d say TIME is a lesson we must learn – to USE the time we have with AWARENESS, so TIME as it exists now…no matter how limited, as none of us know when we’re going to die: is a GIFT that you can use to MOTIVATE you to every moment, every day dedicate yourself to that which will REALLY immortalise you into something of worth: what you leave behind in this world and the connections you’ve made with the people in your life to continue finding ways and developing solutions for us all and for this existence. I mean, c’mon – I’d say we’re done now with all the ways of what NOT to do in life, so let’s now find SOLUTIONS for the very problems we’re contributing to…it’s TIME for SOLUTIONS, it’s OUR TIME…it’s TIME to be the CHANGE we want to CREATE in this world…it’s TIME for CHANGE and it can start with ONE BREATH, in ONE MOMENT where you decide who you are and what you’re going to live and accept and allow and what not.

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