The Value I give Relationships and Relationships gift to Me

The Value I give Relationships and Relationships gift to Me

I have walked a long path with these two ladies and many of you may relate to having people in your life for many years as well. You very seldom hear of people walking a path together in this one life that stretches over many years, also here looking at ‘friendships’ – where a connection / relationship between you has been kept ‘alive’ so to speak. This is odd though in terms of such an occurrence being ‘rare’…how seldom we can keep the various people and relationships we’re exposed to ‘alive’. We never know what changes we may face in our individual lives – moving away, conflicts / fighting, illness, death etc. – but a common thing I have found is that when change comes, in all different shapes and sizes within a relationship, we very easily accept and allow this change to compromise the relationship in some way or another and very easily ‘break ties’ so to speak.

One thing I’d like to share that I’ve been looking at and learned through what I have walked with these two ladies is: we’ve gone through some tough and challenging times together, for sure. But it’s been worth it to – even sometimes, during conflicts, where it felt like I just wanted to walk away – breathe, sit down, discuss things and come to a solution. I’ve learned, through the years with having these two ladies in my life – how pushing through the challenges and changes that may come into our lives and into our relationships, supported me to grow as a person and have learned A LOT about myself because of it. To the point where, I know and I trust that – whatever may come in the future for the three of us – we’ll be there for one another, directly or indirectly. Meaning: much of what I learned about myself from the two of them and us three’s relationship I will take with me into the rest of my life – there will always be a connection with them and such a connection between individuals is established by the path you walk, always LEARNING about yourself in a way that you GROW and become better for it.

So, a message for everyone today when it comes to relationships with others: approach it in such a way where you let changes – whether good or bad, support you to learn about yourself, grow and also develop the relationships with others MORE rather than taking it to the point where we so easily give up and give in. To live in such a way with the relationships you have now in your life, that whatever the future may bring – you can take what you learned and experienced with you into the rest of your life. This goes for all the different relationships in your life – family, friends, partners, colleagues, acquaintances…have a look at the value of the relationship with the individuals in you life and what you can learn and how you can grow from it, realising that it is you that determines the value of the relationship, through the good times and the bad.   


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