Communication: enhancing potential or destroying innocence?

Communication: enhancing potential or destroying innocence?

In this blog I’m expanding on a Facebook post I posted, highlighted below:

I was watching an episode of “Forever” and heard this quote: “In 1912, Guglielmo Markoni predicted his invention, the radio, would put an end to war. No more miscommunications, no more secrets. Then 200 million people were murdered in the century that followed. Meanwhile he came up with better ways to communicate. None of which, alas, put an end to lies, miscommunications or murder.”

It’s fascinating how many inventors in the past and still to this day – have a utopian prediction for their inventions to contribute to the betterment of humanity, this including for example Nikola Tesla. Yet, their utopian predictions were quashed and the ‘true nature of man represented by this world system stepped forth’ and the COMPLETE opposite came to fruition.
Doing some research on Markoni, you’ll learn that he believed that “God placed the forces of nature at man’s disposal”, meaning – what is here of the earth is for us to be able to use / create and his intensions of invention was for the betterment / good of mankind. Obviously with the statement above you can also clearly see his intensions for mankind with radio technology was to stop / change the very things he perceived was contributing to the problems within the world – secrets, miscommunications, wars – leading to killing, murder and death.

What opened up for me when looking at this, is obviously – the mind / consciousness – the ‘inherent nature of man’ as represented by our thoughts and emotions that was not understood: As long as this part of ourselves does not change, what we live will not change and what we create, even with what is provided for us by this earth – will not change. He saw a KEY through COMMUNICATION – no secrets, no miscommunication, all EXPOSED. But obviously, the OPPOSITE happened and his technology was used to evolve the lies, secrets, miscommunications leading to wars and so eventually self interest, greed and profit at the cost of human lives and the destruction of this earth.

The point to consider / look at for today is: we have ourselves, we have each other and most importantly – we have this ONE earth. Imagine what we can CREATE if we can learn to work together, resource from this earth the materials to create a better life / future not only for ourselves but for everyone else as well. All it takes is a change within SELF and how you look at your relationships with others and the earth as well. Everyone says “it’s impossible” – stop listening to “everyone” and start with yourSELF. One by one, as more start looking to themselves, each other and the people in this world really set to making a difference and supporting this, we can start coming together and standing together to take responsibility for what is ours: this EARTH and its future.

I will in my blog, Moments with Me, share more in-depth the KEY to COMMUNICATION – how Markoni saw a solution through “external communications”, when the key is self communication within the principle of self honesty – transforming your inherent nature to genuinely be pure / ‘good’ and see how it comes through in your words and actions to really be a living / leading example of the best we as people can become within who we are and how we live. Within this - CREATE the best representations of ourselves in what we do in this world, now and also in the future. Remember: it’s not about what you DO but WHO YOU ARE within what you do that is important.

Let’s look at outer wars and inner wars and their relationship to miscommunications, secrets and lies leading to murder:
Within ourselves we have what’s referred to as the ‘Secret Mind’. This ‘Secret Mind’ is where you think, imagine and participate in internal conversations only you know about. The things you won’t share / dare talk about with anyone because of either judging it / fearing it inside yourself and/or a part of you simply knowing the extent of consequence / compromise it will create for you and others. Essentially, within each one of us – we have our own ‘secret mind chamber’ where we participate in lies within ourselves and with one another. Many can relate to lying / keeping secrets from others, but don’t actually realise the extent to which we can do it to ourselves within ourselves in our relationship with who we are, how we live. This creates much internal conflict – leading to inner-wars within ourselves, knowing the secrets and lies we not only keep from others – but also from ourselves.
This slowly but surely leads to a form of a ‘death’ of an innocence and purity within ourselves, because we become so skilled at keeping the secrets / lies hidden from others, ourselves - that we have to create facades of persona’s we live out towards others and also keep telling ourselves to try and forget / deny / suppress the things we know we do, accept and allow within our Secret Minds that compromises our being, our innocence, our purity.

Why do lies exist? Why do secrets exist? On a global scale you can see how the radio invention has been used to evolve secrets, lies and miscommunications – propagating wars / external conflicts. This is because we are within our very nature accepting and allowing lies, secrets and miscommunication to exist within the very fibre of our being, even having a part of our Minds we lock into only ourselves. Looking at the principle “who you are is what you will create”: if deliberate lies, secrets and miscommunications exist within yourself as yourself, this will seep through into your spoken word and living word and start materialising into relationships with others in your life.
What happened with the radio invention of Markoni was simply exposing an inherent nature of humanity we’ve accepted and allowed to go unchanged – using the radio, nature’s forces for the purpose of ‘evil’ – for the ‘reverse’ of live / life as what would be best for all as one as equal and instead used to further self interest, greed and individualism. People, throughout history have varying degrees of the extent to which the Secret Mind of lies, secrets and miscommunications is embodied into their words and behaviour, creating their relationships with others and defining their decisions when it comes to ‘who they are within what they do and use’. But in each one of us there is and always has been a part of you that KNOWS, that does SEE and is AWARE of what you’re doing inside yourself…the problem though is that we’ve been making the CHOICE to choose to participate in the Secret Mind, the lies, secrets and inner conflicts within ourselves.

You can have a look for yourselves in moments in terms of what you participate in in your thoughts, imaginations and internal conversations – your words and behaviour towards others: there is that fleeting moment where you decide to allow it, to entertain the things coming up inside of you – instead of taking a breath, taking a step back and UNDERSTANDING what is coming up within you, why it’s existing, how it’s affecting you and will affect others etc. and what you can do to CHANGE in that moment in a way that SUPPORTS you and others rather than compromising you and others.
So, for this post – to consider the following: we many times say “oh THEY are so evil, look what THEY did / are doing”, yet not realising the very nature of the person’s mind / consciousness that lead to making the decisions they did / using for example the radio / nature’s forces for the reasons / intentions they did: also exists in some degree or another within each one of us. Secrets, lies – the greatest ones which is what we do in the relationship with ourselves, exist in all of us and does in a greater / lesser degree come through in your words and actions affecting your life experience.

Therefore, to assist and support yourself to UNDERSTAND your own mind, to UNDERSTAND the Secret Mind, to UNDERSTAND why you accept and allow secrets and lies inside yourself, to UNDERSTAND the consequences / compromises it can create in you and your life: DIP Lite and DIP Pro supports with understanding your thoughts and emotions, where they come from, how they come up and gives you the tools to deal with the things inside yourself that you tend to judge / fear and how to essentially master your inner experiences so that you can become more AWARE of what you think, speak and live to with awareness create your life.
We’re essentially assisting and supporting with establishing that starting point in each one where we intrinsically LIVE what is best for all and so best for ourselves to CREATE a world that represents the best version we can each be as our utmost living potential for ourselves and others. This potential has always been here – we just haven’t learned to tap into it and LIVE it.

The main point here to understand within this point that I would like to bring across is that: we need more people in this world like Markoni and Tesla who had a vision for this world, for humanity that enhances the POTENTIAL we have within ourselves to make this world a better place for ourselves and each other. They simply had this potential dominating their awareness, whereas most of humanity throughout the ages had this potential dormant because of the inherent nature of our minds / consciousness taking precedence over that which we in fact KNOW, SEE and are AWARE of that would be best for ourselves and so others.
So, for each one – you know, see and are aware of your potential, the ‘better or more’ you can be within yourself and your life. With DIP Lite and DIP Pro we assist and support with understanding how you can nurture that potential, how to understand the things inside yourself you judge / fear, how to release yourself from the burdens of secrets and lies leading to inner conflict and cultivate that inner purity and innocence you know you have within yourself. To so become a leading / living example of the best we can be – not only for ourselves, but for the future generations to come so that we can learn to use / source from this earth that which is given / gifted to us to create this world into its utmost potential for ourselves and so for all.