The Voices within becoming Actions without

The Voices within becoming Actions without

Saw this article in the news recently and the following opened up within me:

This is becoming a very public “cat-fight” between women – those opposing certain body-image presentations and those who are for certain body-image presentations (granted there are also men involved within either groups standing for or against).

Body image is something men and women have wrestled with inside themselves – contributing to much inner conflict, but not only that: each man and women have had reactions and inner conversations towards their own and other’s bodies in the secrets of their mind and now it’s filtering through into the public more than ever before. The “voices within becoming / materialising into actions without”…

Some are silent sufferers – secretly in their minds fighting with themselves when it comes to body-image, while others are more obvious sufferers with what people to do their bodies at the behest of this ‘body-image industry’. When all the while there’s one thing everyone is blinded to and the answer to opening your eyes is in the statement “follow the money”…how much money gets filtered into the system from BOTH groups fighting it out inside themselves, with their bodies and their lives and/or with one another as is now happening in public. What’s deceptively holding the reigns of people’s minds and chaining them into the obsession in relation to their bodies fuelling the possessive nature when it comes to the relationship with self, the body and food: is this world system. Money is WINNING this losing battle between people, within people – have a look at how this relationship between food, the body and exercise can destroy a person, one’s body and relationship with others if not approached effectively in a manner that support who you are, that supports your body and so your life.

Not only this, but it’s becoming easier for people to get pulled into these systems when it comes to body-image in relation to health, eating and exercise because we haven’t received nor implemented effective education within the education system for children to understand the relationship between food, the body and exercise; and most importantly the science within / behind what would be BEST for YOUR BODY this life. With such vital information essentially being ‘ignored’ - people blindly follow what ‘society’ / ‘the system’ says about these things, causing people much inner conflict when it comes to your relationship with your body, food and exercise.

It’s not going to help fighting within oneself, fighting with one another, vandalising advertisements, attacking companies – the entire body-image enterprise has an entire system backing it…it’s trying to attack a wall with a feather, it’s not a solution.
What must be looked at however is ONESELF, in having a look at the question “who am I in relationship with me, by body, food and exercise?” “What is MY starting point in relation to my relationship with me, my body, food and exercise?” – meaning: remove what ‘everyone else’ says you have to be / have to look like, look at what is best for YOU and the BODY when it comes to health and physical stability.

If your starting point to change your body is to impress another, there’s a problem. If you’re eating foods because it’s based on an idea / belief of what it does to your body without actually doing research and testing it for yourself, there’s a problem. If you’re exercising / doing certain exercises because everyone else is doing it, there’s a problem. In none of the starting points above, you have considered YOUR BODY and what is best for YOU and only YOU.
The problem is not health in itself, nor is it exercising in itself – the problem is not ‘the body’: the problem is WHO WE ARE in relation to it all and the starting point / reason WHY we do what we do.
If you start doing things for others and for other reasons other than yourself – this is where problems can easily start creeping in cause you lose touch with you, your honesty and your relationship with your body which is THE most important relationship that should be honoured this life.

Therefore, I suggest – if you’ve been caught up within this out of control system, to join Desteni Forums where you can share your experience in relation to food, exercise and the body and can with so many people who’s walked a process in correcting this relationship for themselves receive the necessary support to return back to yourself, to understand what it means to have an effective relationship with yourself, your body, food and exercise that is BEST FOR YOU.

Remember, it’s also not the system that is to blame – we have to take responsibility for ourselves and LIVE and BE the solution to the consequence of losing touch with ourselves and our relationship with our bodies that is best for each one this life.
So the SOLUTION to the problem we face worldwide is for each to look INWARD, introspect your self honesty, do your own research in getting to know your unique body / genetic make-up and investigate your starting point into an expression where health and exercise is a SUPPORT for you and the body.

I will in my Practical Desteni blog continue with practical support and assistance in relation to what it means to realign your relationship with self, the body when it comes to exercise and food.