No Matter W-HERE I Am - I am HERE

No Matter W-HERE I Am - I am HERE

Woke up to this moment early this morning on the farm and reminded me of when I came from a ‘city girl life’ to a ‘farm girl life’. Initially was quite the adjustment, everything about your lifestyle changes – especially when it comes to tending to and caring for the animals and the farm in general.

For those who will ever face such a transition in life – either from the city to a farm or vice versa: Transition, as with any process of change – takes time. Give yourself the space and time to adapt and make a decision within yourself to resource from your surrounding environment that which will support you to make it your home.
It may not always be what you want / like and may be a challenging experience depending on your relocation, but hold to the things that supports you to connect with the new place / space in a way where you can ground yourself / root yourself in your new location. In this focusing on you creating yourself / your life into its utmost potential with however little or much is available to you.

See what you can source from your environment that’ll support you to remain focused on who you are as a person and the life you want to create for yourself to not accept/allow (as best you can) your ‘new home’ to shift / change who you are within and how to keep on moving without.
This in itself may be one of the most challenging experiences, especially when your surrounding environment is not too supportive of your personal and life journey and much of your attention / focus and energy has to go into surviving and tending to your surrounding environment. However, even here – if this is the case: many tend to purely let the surrounding environment become the central focus of their thoughts and emotions in the Mind, to the point where you completely lose yourself in the challenges of your surrounding environment. When this happens, you’ve inside yourself accepted and allowed your location to CHANGE YOU completely – made the WITHOUT the WITHIN. Instead of taking a step back within yourself, looking at yourself and asking: “Okay, this is what I have, this is where I am – how can I take responsibility for this and what can I practically do with what I have for strive for solutions / betterment so that I can also focus on creating a life for myself and not let the outside burdens become emotional burdens in my mind?”

I’ve looked at so many people in this world who’s against all odds stood up from their lives despite the surrounding environment – and one of the MAIN differences of those who succumb to their location / surrounding environment and those who prevail them has been to not accept/allow where you are to COMPLETELY define who you are. No matter where you are in this world, there’s one thing you’ll have and always will have “who you are as a person”.
Granted, there are most who are in DIRE conditions whose lives are completely controlled and have no chance of prevailing unless we change the world system / money system – but MOST of us have our basic needs tended to and even with this, we emotionally burden ourselves with life / living circumstance which causes one to not give oneself the space and time to look at personal / self development and giving oneself the space and time to source solutions, establish goals to strive for and essentially PLAN one’s life.

So, no matter where you are – take the reigns of your life, see what you need to tend to, what needs solutions, what needs planning, direct your environment and the things within it so that you can unburden yourself emotionally in your mind based on the outside and start creating the INNER SPACE to work on who you are as a person in thought, word and deed and work on actually creating your life day in and out for the future.
This is why we at Desteni I Process also make our courses available for free for those who honestly cannot afford it – we know / understand the reality of life / living in this world system and are dedicated to supporting individuals with personal self empowerment and through that the empowerment of transforming problems into solutions into creating yourself and your life into its utmost potential. Not only for ourselves, but on a global scale as well which we’re walking through LIG as we know / understand that the problem we face is individual as well as on a collective level. So, to really make a change in the small, we also need to make a change in the big.

Therefore, for those who – no matter where you are, are dedicated to supporting who you are as a person in thought, word and deed and start the process of contributing to world change and through that personal life change – investigate and


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