Preparing Fruit Salad Moment

                                                Preparing Fruit Salad Moment 

I was peeling papaya this afternoon for a fruit salad lunch. While peeling I noticed I was rushing and cutting quite a bit of the edible parts with the peels. I breathed and slowed down, paying more attention to each peel. Even slowing down was a process as I experienced a resistance to slowing down cause I was in an overall rushed state. This moment peeling the papaya supported me with the reminder of slowing myself down with breath, being more comfortable in my body and paying attention to detail.

What I have found contributes to this ‘rushed state’ is when I have for some time been THINKING about one thing or many other things at the same time, where I’ve noticed this type of thinking is in itself ‘rushed’ and usually accompanied by an emotion / energetic experience. It has even gone so far as where, I am not necessarily thinking / experiencing things per say – but have conditioned my state of being and general physical experience into and as this ‘rush’ towards somewhere…yet nowhere lol
With Desteni and walking the process of self awareness – I often notice and sense in my body how such ‘rushed thinking’ affects my experience and also that of my body as my breathing becomes faster and my movements become intense…the inner rush becoming an outer rush.
It’s been a fascinating journey becoming aware of how my thoughts affect my experience, as well as my body – because we don’t realise that while we’re thinking so much / so intensely, so wrapped up in our Minds, we’re not aware of ourselves and our bodies and the effects thoughts in fact have.

With establishing this awareness inside myself, I can now in moments feel when I go into this rushed state – I can feel it physically and see it within what I am doing. So, am now in the process of supporting myself to correct this ‘rushed state of being’ I have programmed and conditioned into myself and my body in every moment I have the opportunity to do so, because I see how it compromised my experience in the body as well as in what I am doing. What has been most liberating is the fact that I can change this experience inside myself – realising how much more effective I can look at and process things inside myself as well as do things / participate in activities in my life by being much more grounded and stable! 

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